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Remember that fanfic I did that one time, and then got up to seven chapters and a lot of people really liked it and stuff and then I forgot or abandoned it or some bullsheit because I actually never had a thorough plot planned out at all fun fact so think of those chapters as my early run so yeah you remember?

You remember. Hank, addicted to manslaughter but secretly depressed and can't control his urges. Sanford, the more responsible and logical thinker, almost as brutal and likes to drink. Deimos, the tech guy, who doesn't really fight and tends to screw around (literally). And then Kim, my OC, who brought supplies and is dating Deimos. And there was that big scene with the violence and stuff too.

Anyway, I'm sure you were all sad when I never posted a Chapter 8. Ah, but don't cry, I have something better than a measly chapter! A whole reboot! Well, not quiet a whole reboot, but still a ton of changes. First off, it will not be called the Madness Combat Fanbook. It instead will receive a new title, much more befitting of the brand new plot that I am currently working on (and taking my time with this time!). It shall be called... Madness Conspiracy. *Awaiting dramatic music*

Now, the majority of these changes will actually be taking place after where we left off. That's because you don't even know the shitty ass plot I had messily strung together originally. But anyway, I'm still going to rewriting chapters 1 through 7, mainly because there are some big changes to what is currently there that I want to make, mainly to do with setting, Kim, and of course, the new plot. What is the new plot you ask? Well it's funny, because I shouldn't call it "new". The originally didn't really have a plot. No seriously, go look through it. Sure it's good and entertaining and juicy, but nothing actually seems to have a defined objective.

Trust me, you are going to love what I have planned even more than the original. I'm still working on slapping pieces of the plot together, but I know what I want to do this time. Don't expect the new first chapter soon, because I still have plenty of things to do right now. But I just wanted to make the official announcement. I also recently made an account on Even though I have no idea how it works, I wanted to because I think it would be a great place to organise it all.

This is getting long. Ok, ok, last thing. I'm also designing all the characters (again), although the only ones I actually did were Kim and Sanford originally. This time, I've got a way better hang of my anatomy, and you can expect to see full-body character profiles of Hank, Sanford, Deimos and Kim eventually. That's right, I said Hank. You guys are finally going to see how I imagine Hank in my fanfic. 

But some of you already saw him so shh keep it a secret

Alright I'm done. See you guys another day!
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Hey I'm Ben, the most amazing person in the world (not really). I love art and I draw lots but I don't post very often.

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Ah, that's okay.
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We haven't chat for long,so let's start chatting :D
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Oh hey. Hows is yous? I've actually been feeling rather sick lately.
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"Hows is yours?"? don't understand the question but still I'm fine thanks
Have you been sick? that's too bad :(
I've been cool this year:
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Bad news is:
Dante91 just blocked me without reason,I wasn't harassing him or anything,I was having some fun! try to tell him why did he blocked me without reason,but if he awnsers you...anything but a mean way,who knows.But if he blocks you as an awnser forget it :(
Tarantulakid96 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well your definition of fun doesn't always mean its fun for everyone else. Also I said hows is yous, not hows is yours, but I forgot you aren't the best with english.
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